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Berries are a great way to add colour to your garden during autumn and winter. 
Skimmia japonica Pabella is a female plant that produces masses of red berries which follow fragrant, star shaped flowers produced in spring. The berries are produced in autumn and last into the new year. The neat domes of evergreen foliage reach a height and spread of 1m. They are excellent for both the border and pots requiring full or part shade.  
Skimmia japonica reevesiana is a low growing shrub reaching 90cm. The white flowers produced in May are followed by obovoid, crimson-red berries which last right through the winter into spring. T^his species is an hermaphrodite so does not require a pollinator. 
Pernettya mucronata is a hardy dwarf evergreen shrub which flowers in early summer. The long lasting berries which follow are either white or in shades of pink and purple. This is an excellent shrub best planted in a sunny position. 
Pyracantha is an easy to grow shrub which is tolerant of any aspect but looks particularly effective grown against a wall. This evergreen shrub provides shelter for nesting birds and blackbirds, song thrushes and starlings are attracted by the berries. 
Symphoricarpos is a deciduous shrub that grows well in shade and is tolerant of all types of soil. It has white or rose-coloured berries in autumn and winter which are eaten by many birds including robins, blackbirds and finches and is ideal for an informal garden. 
Cotoneaster horizontalis, know as the herringbone or fish-bone cotoneaster,is a low growing shrub which is ideal for north or east facing walls and for covering banks. It has good autumn and winter colour provided by berries and deciduous leaves. The berries are eaten by jays, thrushes, starlings and finches.  
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