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Hyacinths make a wonderful, fragrant display for indoors as well as the garden. If you want to have a bowl of hyacinths indoors for Christmas buy 'prepared' or heat treated bulbs. 
Use a pot with drainage holes and place a layer of crocks or coarse grit at the bottom to improve drainage. Add a layer of compost and then position the bulbs close together but not touching. Add more compost around the bulbs but don't completely cover; leave at least half sitting above the compost. Water and then place in a cool, dark place such as a garage or shed. Check the bowl from time to time and don't let the compost completely dry out. Once the flower spikes begin to colour, which can be anything up to 10 weeks, move into a light and airy position in the house; perhaps a porch or cool windowsill.  
If the hyacinths are placed in a warm room it is beneficial to occasionally move them into a cooler position, even outside for a few hours, this will extend the flowering period considerably. 
If you use a bowl without drainage holes use bulb fibre in place of compost, this has a free draining structure so that the bulbs don't rot. It also contains charcoal which stops the compost from becoming sour.  
Once flowering has finished the bulbs can be planted out in the border, the blooms will not be as big in following years but you will still get colour and an amazing fragrance. 
Now is the time for planting bulbs for a great display next spring.  
Bulbs give maximum display for minimum effort and are such a welcome sight after a long winter. 
Daffodils are always a welcome ray of sunshine after a long winter. 
Alliums make excellent exclamation marks and a real touch of class in the border. They flower mainly in May and June but there are varieties that flower earlier and later.  
Crocus start to flower in February and are best planted en masse to give a real splash of colour just when we need it most. 
Hyacinths are available in lots of different colours including pink, white, blue, yellow and red. The one thing they all have in common is an amazing fragrance. 
The UK has the perfect climate for growing daffodils and produces 90% of the world's cut daffodils, exporting to Europe and the USA. 
Daffodils are easy and reliable spring-flowering bulbs which multiply quickly and bloom year after year, most of them aren't fussy about soil and will grow in sun or part shade. The bulbs are best planted from September to November and there is a huge selection.Daffodils are extremely versatile with a wide range of sizes available and not all daffodils are yellow. There are varieties suitable for pots, borders, grassland, wild gardens, cutting gardens and indoors. Many are scented and there are different varieties for blooms from February to May. There really is something for everyone with well over 30,000 varieties available. 
Narcissus Sweetness  
As it's name suggests this is a sweetly scented daffodil. It has classic yellow blooms with multiple flowers per stem. This is a tough and trouble free variety and will reliably come back each spring.  
Narcissus Grand Soleil D'or 
This variety is ideal for planting indoors for Christmas blooms. It is strong growing with long upright stems topped with multiple scented blooms. Outside it requires a sunny, sheltered spot with excellent drainage. 
Narcissus Jenny 
This small white and cream daffodil looks ideal planted in pots and window boxes as well as grassland and borders.  
Narcissus Tahiti 
This eye catching, double has a distinctive two-tone effect with deep golden-yellow petals and ruffled orange petals in the centre. It is a robust, reliable variety. 
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